myHMS – Web Based Hotel Management System

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A day in the life of a hotelier…………….
  • How many rooms are available?
  • When are guests scheduled to arrive?
  • What’s the status on housekeeping?
  • What does the day’s revenue look like? What’s the ADR?
  • When will I have time to compile the reports the General Manager is requesting?

That’s why you need myHMS, the web-based property management system that gives you and your staff unprecedented control, access, and integration. Simply put, myHMS makes your life easier.

Why Should you choose our Property Management System?

myHMS saves you time

  • A wealth of information at your fingertips, easy to use. Employees can be trained on myHMS in a few hours.
  • Installation in no time— there is no hardware to install. myHMS is a web-based system, all you need to do is login.
  • Minimal down-time. Complex installation of software and hardware required by other property management systems, combined with intensive training for employees to operate the system effectively, can leave you scrambling for days.
  • Interfacing with MyCRS (from there to the GDS), you won’t have to waste time manually entering reservation information across different systems.

myHMS saves you money

  • Time is money. That’s one of the oldest adages in the business world for the simple reason that it’s true. The money you’ll save from the quick learning curve, the minimal down-time, and the efficiencies of myHMS’ integration capabilities will have an immediate impact on your bottom line.
  • One of the most competitive pricing structures in the industry.

myHMS gives you added security

  • State-of-the-art security on the myHMS servers and redundant backups to ensure that your data is protected and available around the clock.
  • Don’t worry about software failure. Our backups ensure that you can always log in.
  • Credit card integration uses 128-bit encryption to prevent electronic theft or security breaches of credit card data.

myHMS gives you added convenience

  • A web-based system allows you to access your data and your reports from just about anywhere with cell-phone reception or an Internet connection. If your Internet, or even your power, is out, you can run your hotel through mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads.
  • When you travel – don’t worry that your property is out of your hands. With myHMS keep tabs on everything even when you’re on the road.

myHMS, everything you want in a property management system.
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