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You’ve got quite a bit on your must-have list for your ideal property management system. You want a system that can provide you and your staff with security, simplicity, and savings. Ultimately, though, you’ve got two basic needs: system efficiency and satisfied guests. With the hotel management system from myHMS, you can have both.

Customization for a Personalized Guest Experience

myHMS provides you with a level of customization that goes a step beyond the norm, allowing you to provide your guests with the most personalized experience possible. When they book their reservations, a profile will be opened for them. This allows your staff to include information about their personal preferences or specific needs and access that information for future bookings.

Automatic Programming of Key Cards

The entire check-in/out process will proceed more smoothly and efficiently from this point. Your staff won’t even have to take the extra step of programming key machines for your guests’ key cards with critical information like room numbers or the expiration date/time.

As soon as your guests’ reservations are entered into myHMS, the user will simply need to swipe guest key cards when they are needed, and all necessary information will be instantly programmed. Your guests will be able to settle into their rooms more quickly, while you and your staff can move on to checking in the next guests or attending to other tasks.

Easy to Reissue

myHMS‘ integration with key machines also speeds up the process when a key card is lost or otherwise misplaced. Your guests can have new cards reissued easily without users needing to reprogram key machines.

If you’d like to learn more about what myHMS can do to streamline your hotel’s property management system and improve your guests’ experience during their stay with you, contact us today.

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