Credit Card Processing



Payment gateway directly integrates with AutoClerk’s myHMS PMS to create secure credit card processing for hotels. Shift4’s advanced security features and AutoClerk’s fully Web based PMS combine to drastically simplify a hotelier’s PCI compliance and to provide genuine security above and beyond PCI’s requirements. This solution is the perfect fit for hotel properties large and small that want to stay compliant and competitive, even across multiple locations.

Guests’ credit card authorizations and settlements are transmitted to the hotelier’s choice of simple and secure credit card processing platforms via Shift4’s PCI-DSS validated DOLLARS ON THE NET. The myHMS data center is one of the first PMS data centers in the world to never store, process, or transmit sensitive cardholder data (CHD). It accomplishes this feat by using Shift4’s i4Go® for clerical and guest entry of CHD and Shift4’s 4Res® firewall for all CRS/GDS/WBE interface connectivity, which results in all sensitive CHD being tokenized before entering the myHMS data center. Because tokenized data cannot be used by data thieves, it is not considered CHD and therefore does not fall under PCI scope. Read more…


A Simplified Credit Card Processing Solution

  • With the myHMS credit card interface, there is no need for the hotel to have a stand-alone credit card terminal, thereby reducing equipment at the front desk and saving precious space
  • Guest check-ins are simplified because credit card authorization amounts are automatically calculated at check-in by myHMS. Typical authorizations take about three seconds to process
  • Auditing is simplified because the need for balancing guest folio payments with credit card settlements is eliminated – it’s all one system
  • Guest check-outs are also simplified because myHMS guest folios serve the dual purpose of being a hotel guest receipt and a guest credit card receipt


Security Beyond Compliance with DOLLARS ON THE NET®

  • Sensitive CHD is kept out of the PMS’ hosted environment thanks to Shift4’s TrueTokenization®, i4Go card-data “firewall,” and 4Res that intercepts and secures card data from incoming third-party reservation requests
  • When myHMS is used with an encrypted reader and Shift4’s security technologies, no CHD is ever stored, processed, or transmitted in the hotel’s environment
  • Add a point-to-point encryption (P2PE)-enabled encrypted card reader for card-present transactions, and all points of CHD entry into the hotel’s system are protected
  • Fraud Sentry® protects hotels from “trusted” employee and external fraud with real-time monitoring and immediate notification of suspicious activity


Reliability and Independence

  • Sub-3-second transaction times mean slow checkouts are a thing of the past
  • A fully-redundant system provides the best reliability in the industry
  • Freedom to switch banks and processors for competitive rates and better service


Removal of IT Hurdles

  • AutoClerk hosts the application and Shift4 hosts the card data, so when TrueTokenization, i4Go, P2PE, and 4Res are in play, CHD never makes it past the encrypted swipe device
  • Seamless updates of regulatory changes and no fees for system upgrades
  • Fully Web-hosted environment means no dedicated hardware or uniform infrastructure required


Lower Costs

  • Only pennies per transaction
  • Reduce downgrades and defend against chargebacks
  • Shift4 offers lower transaction rates with no hidden costs, no annual fees, no communications charges, and no rate creep


World-Class Support

  • 24/7/365 live Shift4 support center and 24/7/365 live myHMS support center both in USA
  • Assistance with best practices and quality control
  • Expert staff knowledgeable on POS/PMS systems, processors, and industry standards