Your Complete Cloud-Based Hotel PMS. No installation. Easy to learn. Mobile friendly.

  • Feature

  • Full PMS
  • Pure Cloud
  • 24/7 Support
  • Enterprise Functionality
  • Manager’s Dashboard
  • Front Desk Dashboard
  • Single Screen Reservation
  • Groups
  • Tape-Chart
  • TripAdvisor Widget
  • User Roles
  • Multi-Language
  • Pass On Log
  • Activity Logs
  • Easy Searching
  • Reports
  • Automated data backup
  • Integrated advance deposit ledger, guest ledger & city ledger
  • Historical Folios
  • Smart & Fast Night Audit
  • City ledger
  • Taxes
  • Rate Management
  • Stay Restrictions
  • Guest Confirmation, Registration, and Folio Customization
  • Guest eLetters
  • Quick Training
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • Credit Card Data Security by Tokenization
  • Credit Card Integration to Payment Gateway
  • Credit Card Integration Direct to Credit Card Processor
  • EMV (Chip) Certification
  • Guest Message Texting, powered by Akia
  • Paperless eRegistration
  • Channel connectivity to Booking.com & Expedia.com plus 150 other Online Travel Agency (OTA) channels & meta-channels & Global Distribution System (GDS) via myCRS
  • myRes
  • Interfaces to 3rd-party Central Reservation Systems (CRS)
  • Interfaces to most popular property-based systems
  • Interfaces to 3rd- party cloud-based systems
  • myHMS Training Videos
  • Rate Calendar
  • Confidential Rates
  • Do Not Rent
  • Revenue Management System (RMS) interface
  • Mobile Housekeeping & Maintenance App with 2-way Interface to myHMS
  • SiteMinder Interface
  • ID Scanning
  • Elavon Gateway Interface
  • Best Western CRS Interface
  •   Description

  • myHMS is full-featured PMS that include all the essential PMS functionality (reservations, check-in, night audit, checkout, historical folios, housekeeping, accounts receivables, and reports) plus many advanced features, described below.
  • myHMS can run on any device (Apple, PC, tablet, mobile phone) that has a browser and Internet connection. No software installation is necessary. All standard browsers are supported, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.
  • USA-based customer support agents are available 24/7 by telephone and email. All AutoClerk support staff are professionals with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Agents have foreign language experience in Gujarati, Spanish, Bengali, Farsi, Urdu, Nepali and French.
  • Proprietary “Quick Switch” feature. One mouse click is all it takes to change hotels. No need to logout and login again.
  • Displays critical operational metrics, including year-to-year comparisons, actual-to-budget comparisons, and live feed to your hotel’s TripAdvisor page so you have critical operating information at a glance.
  • Displays widgets with drill-down functionality to provide further clerical details when needed for arrivals, availability, departures, in-house guests, groups, housekeeping, posting, and intra-hotel staff communication.
  • Eliminates the need to flip through multiple screens to make a reservation. Reservation can be booked by room type or specific room#.
  • Groups can be setup with hard & soft allocations. Group members can be attached or detached from group master. Master billings and pickup reporting is supported.
  • A two-dimensional past/present/future view of your property by date and room # allows a quick overview of in-house guest, arrival, and departures, with drill-down ability for details. In-house room transfers & reservation room # changes can be done via drag & drop. Filtering options are available by room type or connecting rooms to narrow the focus of the chart.
  • Provides up-to-date information about your property on TripAdvisor.
  • Hotel management can defines each employee’s myHMS access to be staff, auditor, manager & group manager. User permissions can also be restricted to control manual override of rates, overbooking, and posting corrections.
  • Each myHMS user can indicate their preferred language. Language choices are currently English, Spanish, French & Portuguese.
  • Allows all myHMS users to share information among other users at the hotel.
  • Reservation and User activity logs allows for easy tracking of reservation activity and user postings.
  • Several search options from the Quick Search feature from the Front Desk Dashboard and more Advanced Search of information pertaining to a global search of all data.
  • All myHMS reports can be generated in several formats, including HTML (web page), PDF, Excel, and Data CSV format.
  • Operates invisibly and automatically in the background at the myHMS data center
  • myHMS always stays in balance and all details of all postings by all staff is always available.
  • Guest history is never purged, and is always available for accounting purposes, including late charges.
  • Pinpoints attention on issues that need clerical attention before a new accounting day begins, such the proper handling of no-show reservations. The automated portion of the night audit process takes less than 5 minutes of computer processing time, and includes the settlement of credit cards, posting of room & tax to all in-house folios, report generation, and changing the myHMS system date.
  • Open item accounting with invoicing & statements. Ability to suspend city ledger accounts.
  • Full flexibility for occupancy and sales tax, by percentage or flat amount.
  • Room rates can be managed by rate plans, and rates can be derived off of other rate plans to set discounts or increases. Rates can be set up by season to automatically change for a date or date range you choose.
  • Including Closeouts, Close-to-Arrival and Length-Of-Stay (LOS) restrictions for minLOS, maxLOS, and softLOS, that defines a stay-thru restriction on room nights.
  • All three emails can be neatly tailored with hotel logo for a clean, professional presentation to guests.
  • Allows users to create customized letters for emailing guests, which is a handly way to send guests welcome & thank-you emails. Hard-copy printing of letters is an option too.
  • Hotel staff that understand the basics of hotel operations can typically learn myHMS in 6 hours or less.
  • myHMS software developers are always adding new features. Software updates are done monthly, and happen automatically within minutes with no system downtime.
  • All confidential credit card data is tokenized by a payment gateway or credit card processor before it enters the myHMS data center. MyHMS was designed and architected to be the world’s first cloud-based PMS that does not store, process, or transmit sensitive cardholder data.
  • Automates credit card authorizations & settlements. All major credit card processors are supported.
  • Automates authorizations & settlements directly to a specific processor.
  • EMV is available today with myHMS. Modernizing hotel front desk infrastructure to meet EMV standards has the following advantages:

    • Offers guests modern mobile payment alternatives - EMV readers can accept wireless Google Wallet, Apple Pay & Samsung Pay;
    • Reduces liability/chargebacks - hoteliers processing cards with chips the old-fashioned way are now liable for fraud instead of the issuing bank;
    • Electronic guest signature - upon check-in, guests can sign using built-in electronic signatures pads on the EMV readers, making signature retrieval easier/faster;
    • Reduces vulnerability to hackers within hotels' network - data coming out of the EMV readers is encrypted;
    • Reduce PCI footprint - encrypted EMV reader data cannot be decrypted by anyone at the hotel, not even myHMS, making your PCI compliance easier;
    • Meets expectations of security-savvy guests - guests appreciate merchants that take extra steps to protect their credit cards from theft.
  • • myHMS automatically syncs upcoming reservations into Akia
    Akia automatically welcomes guests on day of arrival via text message
    • Guest questions automatically answered by Akia
    • Guests and staff can chat with each other over a simple text-messaging interface
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  • Displays a digital copy of hotel’s custom registration card on an iPad or any Android tablet at front desk. Allows guest to acknowledge custom hotel policies with initials and signature. No need to store and track down printed registration cards. You can print and email eReg Cards as needed. Tablets will display a slideshow of your selected images until your front desk sends the registration card, complete with all guest reservation information to the tablet. Once the guest signs the eReg Card, the image of the registration can be verified by the front desk, accepted and electronically stored with the reservation. eReg Cards can be used for any guest document requiring a signature, such as pet policies or waivers. LEARN MORE »
  • AutoClerk's cloud-based Central Reservation System (myCRS) distributes hotel rates & inventory electronically across multiple channels for maximum bookings. Two-way connectivity makes reservation downloads and rates/inventory/restriction uploads simple and convenient to control from one location (myHMS).
  • Guest facing web-booking engine that connects the hotelier’s proprietary web-site to myHMS, providing real-time, single-images rates & availability. Fully integrated with the ability to control your pictures and content from with your PMS.
  • Two-way connectivity to SynXis (by Sabre), Windsurfer (by SHR), iHotelier (by TravelClick) and Vertical Booking CRS.
  • including Point-of-Sale (POS), Electronic Locks, Phone Systems (PBX)and Call Accounting interfaces.
  • including Cendyn for Guest Management, Booking Suite's RateManager for Revenue Management and M3 back office accounting.
  • Videos for Guest Check-in & Group Check-in, Tape Chart, Night Audit, Group Masters, Group Members, Main Dashboard, Daily Report, Groups Report Housekeeping Report and Managers Report.
  • Displays a 30-day calendar view with ability to toggle between all rate classes and capability to view past, present, and future dates. Highlights are:

    Setting rates by day without having to create a new season in Rate Setup
    Set and view notes for one or multiple days
    Group Indicator that displays if there is a at least 1 group in-house on that day
    Text and Background colors can be setup to indicate various levels of rates and occupancy. Example:
    Text Colors: Lowest and Highest Rates for the day
    Text Colors: Stay Restrictions
    Text Colors: # of available rooms and occupancy for the day
    Background Colors: Sold out rooms
    Daily overview that shows:
    Hotel Summary
    Availability at a Glance

    Approved users will have the ability to drill down and/or adjust all these settings using "right-click" on your mouse. Hotel Manager will be able to choose which users they want to give editing permissions.

  • On any guest-facing form a rate can be confidential (hidden), and myHMS automatically creates an Incidentals folio whereby charges other than nightly rates and taxes can be tracked.

  • Allows you to flag a Guest Profile so you are alerted if you try to make a reservation for a guest you are not allowing back to the property.

  • Two-way Revenue Management System (RMS) interface so so that the RMS can analyze pace &pickup 24/7 so as to provide optimum pricing recommendations to your revenue manager or general manager. With a single click of a mouse you can update PMS room rates, and then have these rates automatically update all your outside channels, including GDS, OTA and your hotel’s web-booking engine. On a single screen you can see a compilation of all the pertinent information – including your competitive set - so that you can make the best decisions for setting future rates.

  • • Informs guests via text messages when their room is ready.
    • Dynamically prioritizes room cleaning schedule.
    • Lost and found module includes a digital photo library.
    • Texts your guest to alert them immediately when their item is found.
    • Multi-lingual with auto translation (type in Spanish will convert to English and vice-versa).
    • Includes maintenance module & includes a digital photo library for maintenance work orders.
    • Fast powerful search of all historical repairs.
    • Paperless.
    • Simple to learn and use.
    • Entire staff has room status in the palm of their hand.
    • Housekeeper performance tracking.
    • Runs on Andriod, iPhones, Mac, and Windows.
  • Two-way connection to many OTAs, SiteMinder’s web-booking engine & AirBnB

  • Optical, magstripe & barcode readers of drivers licenses & passports for auto-entry into myHMS forms. VIEW IMAGE »

  • For Credit Card Tokenization & Processing

  • Two-way interface

  • Standard

  • Optional

  • Coming Soon